According to the East Bay Express, "thousands of people" become a card-carrying medical marijuana patient every month in the state of California. While we doubt most new members to that dubious clique are smoking their first-ever puffs of sickly sweet Mary Jane, the rules of engagement differ slightly from the normal sort of dealer-buyer relationship. So to help out all you newly legal smokers, the Express has compiled a list of the top ten rules for governing behavior in a pot club. Culled from the responses to a Legalization Nation survey of Bay Area dispensary owners, the list ought to help you not make an ass of yourself on your first visit. Observe:

Rule #1: "Have some standards" - It should be obvious at this point, but once you've gone legit with your choice of medication, you're also entitled to a much more pleasant shopping experience than one would generally find on the black market. No need to patronize a sketchy place of business, which also helps maintain a high-standard for the intensely scrutinized industry.

Standards ought to apply to customers too, according to Rule #3: "Project the right attitude." As the Express warns, entering a club hiding behind big sunglasses and a hoodie is only going to make people think you want to rob the place and that's just going to harsh everyone's buzz. (Speaking of which, kindly consult your club's rules on consumption before you toke up in their chillspace - that's rule #9).

Some of the other rules seem like no-brainers (Rule #2: "Have ID"), but you know - sometimes stoners patients forget stuff. Pop on over to the Express get the rest of your pot club priorities straight.