Back before print publishing turned into a creepy fetish for navel-gazing journalists looking to emulate their leader, there was a time when people used to purchase and then have delivered their e-information in inconvenient newspaper form. For reals! And many of us would deliver these oldfangled newspapers for money via a daily or weekly bike route. Renowned pop culture critic Peter Hartlaub, who we thoroughly enjoy, recently went on his old Chronicle paper route in Burlingame using his old hand-me-down girl's bike (holy hickory bold, just like us!) and filmed the entire thing

He explains: "In addition to working as a San Francisco Chronicle reporter and critic for the past decade, I was a Chronicle paperboy from 1983 to 1985. In an attempt to celebrate the newspaper's past while embracing its multimedia future, I decided to deliver my old Chronicle route one more time."

And here it is!