As we mentioned earlier, last night's Board of Supervisors meeting got a little hectic. While the real news is that Ed Lee looks to be our man in the Mayor's office for the next year*, the most exciting part by far was Chris Daly's roughly two minute speech that had the rest of the SF Government TV nerds all excited last night.

Calling the push for Ed Lee, "the biggest fumble in the history of San Francisco politics," Daly pledged to "haunt" President Chiu despite the fact that he'll have some new duties running his bar. But when he ends with the most sincerely outraged quoting of "It's on like Donkey Kong" we've ever heard, we don't think he's talking about the arcade games he plans on installing at the Buck Tavern.

So how did Daly get so riled up? His speech came after Supervisor Dufty, originally a supporter of Sheriff Mike Hennessey for the interim position, called for a recess when the first two rounds of voting produced no nominee with the necessary 6 votes to win. Adding to the frustration for Daly, Hennessey had 5 votes prior to the recess - more than any other nominee. And then some backroom stuff happened! According to Chris Roberts on the Appeal, Dufty spent his 20 minute recess along with Supervisor Sophie Maxwell in Mayor Newsom's office. When the board reconvened, Dufty's vote was suddenly in favor of the Newsom-friendly moderate Lee. Thus: DALY SMASH.