This should go over swimmingly with some San Franciscans. Looking to fill Muni's $21 million budget shortfall, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency officials plan on ticketing divers more in 2011. Yes, in lieu of raising fares (at least for now), "[t]he agency plans to redeploy parking control officers to better capture meter revenue and issue citations."

What's more, SF MTA will "monitor ways to ramp up efforts to sell taxi medallions and cut down on overtime pay," agency spokesman Paul Rose explains to The Examiner. (More medallions? Delightful news!)

While extravagant worker salaries are still "one of the main culprits" with regard to the agency's budget problems, The Examiner goes on to report that "[e]xpenditures, mostly from employee salaries, are on pace to be $9.6 million higher than projected."

“This deficit is not as bad as last year,” said chair of the SFMTA’s board of directors Tom Nolan. “But we basically used everything we could think of to plug that hole, so we’re running out of options.”

UPDATE: SF Appeal brings up an interesting point: the fact that the MTA has this site promising you fewer tickets and that they don't seem to remember they they had the same problem last year.