Starting out the new year by adding zest to crime blotters all over San Francisco, a man was arrested on Sunday for trying to break into Zeitgeist for a glass (or eight) of hooch. At around 9 a.m. on Sunday, Brian Jenkins, 33, reportedly used a razor blade to destroy posters at Zeitgeist after being being told to beat it since the bar was closed.

Bartender Ben Rubin, who described Jenkins as "squirrelly, explains to The Examiner, "“He wanted to come in. I told him that we’re not open, but have a nice morning...Then he started flipping out, kicking the building.”

After officers arrived at the Mission bar to arrest an aggressively thirsty Jenkins, things took a dramatic turn. "While the police officer was inside the bar completing the report, Jenkins, who was reportedly lying on his stomach in the police car, kicked out a rear-door window and took off running, according to witnesses."

He was arrested a short time later with no further incident, charged with suspicion of vandalism and a "felonious escape."