Who's going to be the next mayor of San Francisco? That's the question on the minds of literally hundreds of San Franciscans. It's goes something like this: Newsom wants his replacement to be a man on the left. However, other people want his replacement to be men even further on the left. It's a tale that borders on almost-intriguing, folks. Scores of inside-baseball jobs, egos, provincial fame whoring, and "friendships" hang in the balance!

But in all seriousness, yes, San Francisco will soon have a new mayor. And, yes, it will changes things. Lots of things. Dangerous things. Or not. And Newsom, for his part, has delayed his swearing-in so that the replacement process goes smoothly or, depending on who you ask, according to his exact wishes.

The Chronicle reports, "Newsom hasn't said when he will assume his new post of lieutenant governor, but has scheduled an inaugural celebration for 1 p.m. on Jan. 10 -- two days after the current Board of Supervisors will be termed out of office and a newly configured Board of Supervisors with four new members will be sworn in."

In the meantime, Matt Gonzalez, David Chiu, Dennis Herrera, friend of SFist Greg Dewar, and Bevan Dufty are in the lead over at SFMayorVote.com.