After our Laser Kitten Vandalized! post went up yesterday, we received a landslide of comments, many of them rightly questioning what makes one piece of artwork more valid than another. A few others tucked in there also described a "misunderstanding" with what we now know was a legal, approved mural space for both the original three artists (named in the post) and the newest artist. After following up on a few of the comments and Internet leads, we got in contact with Gaia, who had been in the process of creating the second-layer painting. In a phone call earlier this afternoon, we discussed the bulls (calves, actually - more on that in a second), the kittens and the mural space in general.

The problem here was never about whether one piece of work was better (or cuter, or more hip, or had more lasers, etc etc), more allowable or even just more agreeable in the public space, but whether everyone involved in the project actually knew what the project was.