There was a little under-the-radar retail opening on Castro Street in recent weeks: Cocomo's: A Taste of Drag (538 Castro). It's now your go-to source (besides the Haight) for plus-sized high heels and stretchy dresses in garish colors suitable for men who'd like be ladies for an evening. The inventory definitely seems geared more toward traditionally slutty drag wear, with boas and belted jersey dresses, etc, and less toward the faux couture favored by some of our city's more experimental queens, but at least the adventuresome gays won't have to go all the way downtown to Ross next Halloween -- assuming Cocomo's remains open that long.

And in further Castro news, longtime gay rights activists like Cleve Jones are PISSED that HRC (Human Rights Commission) is moving their gift shop/information center down the hill and into Harvey Milk's former camera shop at 575 Castro. You see, there's long been a rift in the LGBT rights arena between progressive (and aggressive) activists of limited means (and this often includes the transgendered), and the sort of well heeled gay men who founded HRC. As Jones puts it, speaking to the Examiner, "[Harvey] was not an 'A-Gay' and had no desire to be an A-Gay. He despised those people and they despised him," he said. "That, to me, is the crowd HRC represents. Don't try to wrap yourself up in Harvey Milk's mantle and pretend you are one of us." Fans of the film Milk might recall the depiction of Milk's dealing with the more politically connected and passive rich gays, so you might understand where Jones is coming from.

HRC spokesman Michael Cole-Schwartz says that his organization intends to do right by Harvey in the space, which most recently was an upscale gift shop. "Bringing an LGBT civil rights presence to the space that has previously been several for-profit retail outlets is a worthwhile goal."