Excelsior / Attempted Robbery: Always the bearer of the best crime stories, the Examiner's Mike Aldax today tells us about the victim of an attempted robbery on Friday who despite a beating, a ripped off shirt, and multiple attempts by two thugs to take his wallet, would not let the shit go. They even put a gun to his head, but nope. They fled the scene, he kept his wallet. We might have given it to them, but then we're not HARD CORE. [Examiner]

San Leandro / Sexual Assault: 29-yer-old San Leandro resident Carlyle Villazon is accused of trying to molest an 8-year-old girl in a Wal-Mart Friday evening, after she'd become separated from her parents and became distracted in the toy aisle. Two good samaritans came to the rescue. [ABC 7]

Mission / Robbery: Late Sunday night three "punks" put a 29-year-old guy in a chokehold near 16th and Hoff, knocked him to the ground, kicked him, and stole his wallet and cell phone. [Examiner]