Start saying your goodbyes to the awesome (or awesomely ugly, if you prefer) "Three Heads, Six Arms" statue at Civic Center plaza, because the behemoth work by Zhang Huan will be packing up and leaving town next Spring according to NBC Bay Area. Please don't all rush at once to climb on it for a photo opportunity though, we're fairly certain that China would like it back without too many footprints. (And also: you shouldn't be climbing on artwork anyway. For shame!)

In other, Asian Art-related news our sister site Shanghaiist spotted this wonderful Buddhobama Mural which depicts our first African-American President as "Siddhartha Obama" sitting peacefully holding solar panels amidst the yin and yang of an American flag Hummer launching over oil derricks and a polar bear riding a bicycle through the sky. Given our love of murals, this could actually fit in nicely here. Can we organize some kind of exchange program?

[NBC Bay Area] via [Curbed]