Today, Dec. 1, is World AIDS Day, a time set aside to collectively "take action to tackle HIV prejudice and to protect yourself and others from HIV transmission."

In San Francisco, a city that saw almost an entire generation of gay men obliterated by AIDS, activists gathered at the AIDS Memorial Grove in Golden Gate Park to hear Jeanne White Ginder give a tearful speech about her son, Ryan White, and the impact of the Ryan White Care Act.

Also, local activist Michael Petrelis honored Dr. Joseph Sonnabend, describing him as "an unsung hero of the epidemic who through his wisdom and integrity changed the course of the crisis extending and saving the lives of many people with AIDS around the world." A great read worth a moment of your time.

People from all around the world took some time out of their day to shift focus on HIV/AIDS, including French First Lady/supermodel Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, famous daughter Kelly Osborne, actor Alan Cumming, a Zimbabwean Big Brother contestant, Sienna Miller, and more. Here are some highlights from around the world.