From the Tenderloin, CBS5 reports on a new kind of drug traffic: Oxycontin has become the drug of choice for young suburban adults who are driving in to the city to buy it. Called "Hillybilly Heroin" if you're being crass, the prescription opiate was popularly abused in rural communities back East in the late 90s and around Rush Limbaugh's house in the early aughts. At $40 per 80mg pill they don't come cheap around these parts, but they do come with a fresh (sort of) West Coast streetname: the "O.C."

In his report [embedded below], CBS5's Alan Martin goes undercover with a joint team of SFPD and DEA officers to stake out the latest O.C. hotspot: the intersection of Leavenworth and Golden Gate, now a microhood* known to dealers as "Pill Hill." Perhaps unsurprisingly, the undercover crew managed to shoot some footage of blatant daytime drug use. At 1:35 in the video, a driver from San Anselmo breaks up a pill on his dashboard before snorting it and speeding away, leaving an unpaid dealer in his wake. Although SFPD has made over 300 Oxycontin arrests in the past 6 months, they claim the District Attorney's office is putting offenders (mostly the elderly and disabled, selling their own prescriptions) right back out on the streets without prosecuting. Anyway, update all your "Tenderloin drug dealer" jokes accordingly.

*ugh, sorry.