Yesterday at 6:15 in the evening, a man was shot and killed in the heart of the Mission at 17th Street. The Chronicle's report is a little thin, but BCN fills in Appeal a few more details over on the Appeal: Two male suspects shot a black man in his 30s in the back multiple times, before fleeing the scene. Nearby witnesses heard shots, but no arrests have been made yet and SFPD hasn't released the victim's name yet.

So did anybody see anything? You know what to do.

UPDATE: As a couple of you pointed out, Mission Local has an even lengthier piece on the shooting, which provides more detail on the weather at the time:

It was still raining, but not the ragged lightning storm of earlier in the afternoon. Upon closer examination, the body bag was not a body bag at all — just an improvised shroud made of yellow plastic weighted down at the edges with telephone books. When the rain hit the plastic it made a disconcerting, almost musical sound.

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