The body of a 15-year-old boy believed to be the twin of another 15-year-old apprehended by police was found in a ravine yesterday in an unincorporated area near Hayward. As the Chron's reporting, police arrived at the scene after receiving reports of a burglary in progress. They found one of the boys in the house on Beckham Lane, with the gas turned on. He slashed himself with a knife and begged police to kill him. They subdued him with a Taser and took him to Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley, where he remains.

As the Fresno Bee reports, the boy had broken into the home and was trying to fill it with gas.

The twin brothers, sophomores at Hayward High School, "seemed normal" according to a 17-year-old girl who knew them. "They liked hanging out with friends and listening to music." So far it is unclear to investigators whether this was a murder-suicide situation, or a suicide pact in which the second twin failed in his attempt. The boys' names have not been released.