On Sunday night, costumed children with makeup on their faces and murder in their eyes will come knocking on your door begging for high fructose sustenance. Unless you want an egg-covered door or toilet paper-covered tree, you need to deliver the goods. But what Halloween candy reigns supreme for the young ones? Take our All Hallow's Eve candy polls to find out!

It's easy. We broke the fun-size food into four categories: "Chocolate/Caramel/Coconut/Nougat/Peanut Butter," "Fruit," "Wax," and "Miscellaneous". Select your favorites below. On Wednesday, we'll have a final-four showdown where the victor will be feted, the losers torn to shreds.

Yes, you will see some popular candies missing from the list. But, really, if your favorite Halloween treats are Hersey's Kisses or Necco Wafers, you have bigger problems in life than a holiday junkfood poll. And, no, we will not put Mounds or Almond Joy in with the fruits. Nope. Never. Why? Because that would be wrong.

Anyway, please choose wisely: