The NYT/Bay Citizen notes several transgender candidates running for elected office this election season, including local examples Theresa Sparks (running for District 6 Supervisor) and Victoria Kolakowski (running for Alameda County Superior Court judge). Ms. Sparks would, as you've likely heard, be our first transgendered supervisor if elected, and Ms. Kolakowski would be the nation's first transgendered trial court judge -- she faces a runoff next week after getting the most votes in a June election.

They also note Florida Republican candidate Donna Milo, the pro-gun, anti-same-sex-marriage candidate for Congress who lost a primary in August. But though the piece includes "homosexual drag queens and kings" in their definition of "transgendered," they fail to recognize one of Ms. Sparks' opponents in the District 6 race, Anna Conda (a.k.a. Glendon Hyde), who is running on a vehement anti-condo-development, anti-sit/lie platform in contrast to Ms. Sparks' more pro-business, anti-loitering stance. So what is it, NYT/Bay Citizen? Do drag queens count, or don't they?