You'll recall the brutal attack on a South Bay couple on their second date at Coit Tower back in August, in which the male victim was brutally beaten and both were mugged? The Examiner's Mike Aldax returns to the story and says that police continue their search for the perps, and provides some new details about the crime.

It seems the Redwood City woman was punched, while her date was cold-cocked with brass knuckles and knocked unconscious. His jaw was broken in two places, and after checking his pulse, she was hit, and her purse snatched, but she got free and ran for help. Meanwhile, the two attackers had female dates/accomplices with them, who stood back by a car smoking and watching the crime take place. At right is a sketch of one of the suspects, who's described as a light-skinned black male, 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighing 200 pounds. The second suspect was also a black male, 5 feet six inches tall, with close-shaven hair. [Examiner]