Kamala Harris scored a major, though not surprising, coup today. President Barack Obama endorsed the San Francisco City Attorney in her bid for State Attorney General.

In a written statement distributed by the Democratic National Committee, Obama beamed:

Kamala Harris has always been a strong voice for Californians. As San Francisco District Attorney, she launched early intervention programs to reduce the cycle of repeat offenders. She created her office's first Child Sexual Assault Unit and first Environmental Justice Unit. She prioritized the prosecution of financial predators, processing over 450 consumer complaints in 2009 and forming the state's first stand-alone Mortgage and Investment Fraud Unit.

"Now she's running to be California's attorney general, and I am proud to stand by her. She is someone who understands the needs of all Americans, and I need allies like that fighting for change across the country.

Harris is running against Los Angeles-based Steve Cooley, a Republican.