SFist's favorite crime reporter Mike Aldax over at the Examiner brings us an update today on the case of last month's home invasion and slaying of Dennis Wayne Dixon. In the earlier Chron report, Dixon's niece had speculated that the motive for the crime was robbery, because her uncle was "flashy" and wore a lot of jewelry. Now Aldax recounts the night that these "heartless thugs rang the doorbell of [Dixon's] Palou Avenue home," and further reports that a third, previously unknown suspect is scheduled to be arraigned today in connection with the crime.

The two original suspects, Eric Jordan, 38, and Gary Jones, 18, were chased down by police the night of the crime, and their first court appearance (they plead not guilty) led to a fight outside the courthouse between the families of the victim and the suspects that had to be broken up by sheriff's deputies. Per Aldax:

Dixon’s older brother sobbed on a bench outside the courtroom. 'He’s a good person,' Alton Dixon Jr., 57, said of his slain brother. 'We know how to reach out and touch people with happiness and joy.' Alton Dixon [went on to say] he and his younger brother grew up in North Beach, spending their early years shining shoes and selling newspapers at Fisherman’s Wharf.

Truly a sad story. Expect more drama as this case plays out in court.