by Andrew Dalton

Say what you will about the Better Business Bureau's pay-to-play accreditation model (and whether or not BBB ratings actually mean anything at this point), but they're still tasked with slogging through complaints from a lot of uppity, old-fashioned consumers and holding businesses accountable for addressing those complaints.

So it wasn't entirely surprising when the BBB dropped a C- rating on the Mountain View company, which tech bloggers like to bemoan for largely ignoring feedback despite the company's welcoming image. The slightly below average rating is the result of Google's failure to respond to 47 complaints logged with the Bureau over 3 years, which given big G's size seems kind of pathetic. (Although to be fair, they did manage to get to the other 601 complaints.)

For comparison's sake, blogger Mike Blumenthal points to ratings for Yahoo (A+), AT&T Mobile (also an A+), Apple Computer (B+) and Verizon Wireless (B).