Former SFSU student Ashlee Haley, 23, who ran the Gators Cheerleading Club now faces "criminal charges for allegedly embezzling nearly $20,000 from the team." (Side note: if your parents christen you "Ashley Haley," is there a career path you're destined for other than cheerleading? We should say not.) According to BCN (via SF Appeal), " "Prosecutors said she took money from members to pay for cheerleading camp, uniforms and other expenses, but then allegedly used the cash for personal items such as food, entertainment, airline tickets, clothing and rent."


A total of 17 Gatorettes (or whatever they call themselves) said they handed Haley almost $1,000 a piece for cheerleading expenses.

OK, not so hot.

For her part, Haley has no prior criminal record, but will "return to court Sept. 30 for a preliminary hearing, according to the district attorney's office."