During a fun-filled Board of Supervisors meeting last night -- featuring a packed City Hall, curse words, and a cardboard cutout for an absent Newsom -- the board approved the controversial alcohol fee, John Avalos' plan to recoup the nearly $17 million spent annually in alcohol-related health care and ambulance costs. It passed in a 7-3 vote. How does it work? Like this: "A 35-cent fee would be assessed for every gallon of beer sold by wholesalers in the city. For wine the fee would be $1 per gallon, and for hard alcohol, $3.20 per gallon."

While some argue (most notably Chronicle food critic Michael Bauer) that this fee could signal the end of San Francisco's restaurant scene, Supervisor Avalos said that any negative impact to city businesses would be "minimal."

Never one to mince words, Supervisor Chris Daly -- who has vowed to speak his mind in the remaining few months of his term, warnings from Board President David Chiu be damned -- had much to say about his support for the fee. BCN (via SF Appeal) reports: