by Daisy Barringer

For true football fans, opening day of the NFL season is one of the most anticipated events of the year. It’s better than Christmas, better than your birthday, and if your family is anything like mine, probably better than Thanksgiving as well. You’re giddy with anticipation all weekend and you pop out of bed bright and early on game day because you know that this is finally going to be your year.

Everything I’ve read for the past several months said that the 49ers were going to win the NFC West, something we haven’t done since 2002. And because I assume that sports writers have to know what they’re talking about in order to keep their jobs (except me, of course!), I believed what I read. Except, the thing is, in order to actually win the division, we have to do this one teeny tiny little thing: win games. And if yesterday’s horrific performance was any indication, we are, once again, going to have a very hard time making that happen. [Insert dejected sigh here]

But enough melancholy. Let’s name names.

Here’s who pissed me off: