Over in the Mission, a little known entertainer named Lady Gaga visited Rosamunde where she enjoyed some of their signature meat. Mission Mission has more:

[W]e finally spoke with the staff and confirmed that Lady Gaga herself did indeed indulge in a sausage from Rosamunde on Mission at 24th when she happened to be in the Bay Area last Thursday [Or Monday? -- SFist] for a show in San Jose.

The pop sensation was in a playful mood, possibly due to imbibing several signature beverages along with her bratwurst [ed. we actually don't know what kind of meat she was eating, but we could ask if you care enough]. She was with her “boyfriend” who also kept reminding her that they had dinner reservations at 7pm at some fancy restaurant downtown.

We would've picked up a couple dozen authentic cheesesteaks from Phat Philly, but... to each her own.

With much elation, Rosamunde sausage also confirmed to SFist her glittery presence at their Mission store. She even picked up a Rosamunde shirt! Mission Mission (thanks to MM reader "Rachel") even has a great photo of the pop star enjoying her time at the Mission Street joint, posing with a bearded fella. Check it out.