As a tipster noted, a man allegedly stabbed a dog multiple times in Fort Funston in a random and unprovoked attack last Thursday. The dog, Lenny, who has since been released from the emergency pet hospital, sustained severe injuries to his spleen, at least one lung, and other internal organs.

Lenny's owner reported to police that the suspect approached her with his own dog, a white-faced brindled pit bull believed to be named "Denali." When the two dogs started to turn aggressive toward each other, the woman asked the suspect if the pit bull was neutered. Police said he isn't. The man responded by suddenly stabbing Lenny four times with a knife and fleeing the park.

The suspect, who is not currently under arrest, has been identified by police and is described as a 33-year-old white male. Dog owners who frequent Fort Funston and other local parks say that the man is a regular at many other parks in the area, including Stern Grove, and have been helping to get the word out to other dog owners.