ABC 7's Dan Noyes posted the entire “Cops Gone Wild” video, that’s the center of the SFPD videogate scandal. Noyes reports, "Officer Andrew Cohen produced the documentary in 2005 with the approval of the chief at the time, Heather Fong. It profiled the Bayview Station, including the shooting death of Officer Isaac Espinoza."

While some cops claim the video in question brought the department much-needed comic relief, others feared that the video would "bring discredit upon the San Francisco Police Department." You be the judge. The video -- which shows, among other things, racially-tinged comedy, a COPS parody, and the fuzz looking at a massive piece of fecal matter inside a toilet -- never been made public until last night, so.... enjoy?

The disciplinary hearings are wrapping up after 4.5 years.