An enormous yacht worth $300M was parked off of Sausalito yesterday (and may still be there), and gawkers came in droves. The Marin Independent Journal reports that it belongs to Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko, and here's some specs.

The 390-foot yacht, called the "A," apparently arrived Tuesday night or Wednesday morning after a trip up the coast from San Diego. It sports a 2,500-square-foot master suite, three swimming pools and doors accessible by a fingerprint security system... The vessel is named after the initials of the couple's first names. It's 62 feet wide at its beam; has an owner's suite and six cabins; has a crew of 37 and a staff of five; has twin 6,000-horsepower engines; carries 12 tons of water for its hot tubs, pools and spas; and can hit speeds of 24 knots.

Must be nice.