Modern Times Books, the Valencia Street bookstore that carries a wide variety of new and used books on "globalization, politics and media, as well as an array of graphic novels, fiction, and criticism" is in need of help. As Mission Local reports, "The 39-year-old Modern Times Bookstore on Valencia Street urgently needs an 'influx of cash' to pay its bills," as the store’s owners recently detailed to customers in a letter.

What are they asking for? Owners Leah, Kate, Kermit, Peta and Ruth explain: "If every one of you donated $10 we would raise enough to keep going for 3 months, $20 each would keep us in business for 6 months, donations of between $30 to $100 or more would be enough for us to keep our doors open, hopefully for good."

To play the Antichrist's advocate, Valencia Street is saturated with too many -- yes, too many -- bookstores as it is. (Borderlands Books, Dog Earred Books, that quill & ink cult) While not a popular sentiment among the morning-coffee blathering set, readers now turn to a wider variety of voices on the l'internet . It's cheaper, more bountiful, and (arguably) more interesting. This will not change. Ever. No how often cranky editors tell you otherwise.

That said, Modern Times is a great store, one that houses a load of wild screeds and fascinating tomes, as well as the loopy Gay Shame sect. (Note to anti-assimilationists: They have meetings in the back room weekly!)."

Stop by when you have a chance. Located at 888 Valencia (at 20th Street).