Bimbo's 365 is one of the Bay Area's finest music venues, period. Opened by Agostino Giuntoli, who moved it to its current Columbus spot in 1951, the name of the historically textured joint derives from his days as a janitor at The Palace Hotel.

Agostino Giuntoli left Tuscany, Italy in 1922 at the age of 19 and sailed to America. He spent five years working his way to San Francisco and found a job as janitor at the famed Palace Hotel. From there he became a cook at a nearby establishment where his boss, Monk Young, was unable to pronounce his name and dubbed him “Bimbo”, the Italian word for boy. The name stuck for good.

Since Bimbo's landed on the local and national music scene with a resounding bang, it's seen every act grace the floorboards. Here are some images of notables -- Beyoncé (circa 1991!), Wilt Chamberlain, Liberace -- and advertisements from back in the day. Oh, also, it's also famous for harboring "the girl in the fishbowl." But you knew that already.


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