Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Your SFist editor is titillated (ahem) because he plans on attending his first-ever female strip club spectacular! (OK, we did once attend a strip joint in Reno via an astounding bachelor's party; however, the dancer, who grinded her bottom in our lap for several minutes, left a fury-inducing streak of body paint/glitter on our new suit, and thus rendered the entire visit null and void.) See, the Gold Club, San Francisco's Premier Gentleman's nudie club, celebrates its six-year anniversary tomorrow, Thursday, July 22.

And we want to go to tell you all about it!

But, seeing as how the stripping with which we are most familiar is this show-stopping number from Gypsy, we need your help. Voyeurs, listen up: Do we need to bring a roll of $1 bills? (We've seen countless TV shows and moves employ the use of bills to shove in dancers' bathing suit areas.) Sexual contact is de rigueur at certain male adult theaters, but must we touch a boob if it is offered? (We'd rather not.) Are there food or TV options to amuse us if we tire of the fleshy entertainment? (We hear the food is quite nice, actually.)

Please leave us helpful strip club tips in the comments.

If you want to check out Gold Club's Anniversary Bash -- which boasts an open bar, "lavish hors d'oeuvres," and a live performance by Cirque Noir -- visit GoldClubSF [NSFW-ish] for further details.