Apple haters and schadenfreude-holics are all rubbing their hands with glee because, starting at 10 a.m., Apple is going to be hosting a very special press conference/come-to-Jesus moment in re: the problems with iPhone 4. Analysts are expecting Apple to offer something along the lines of an in-store fix for the antenna issue, a refund of some kind, and/or free rubber cases, but everyone's most eager just to hear Steve Jobs admit that someone made a mistake and that there is, in fact, a problem. TechCrunch is not ruling out the possibility of an all-out recall, given that announcing this in a controlled manner with journalists might be a smart move.

Jobs himself won't likely be appearing in person however, because as Valleywag reports, he's currently sunning himself on the Big Island in Hawaii, but maybe he'll be live via video.

SFist will bring you the latest here, below, via live blog, as soon as we hear stuff. Stay tuned.