Next year's Bay to Breakers race might be a tepid one. Booze, floats, and unregistered runners will be banned at next year's 100th marathon. The typically zany race has lost some of its nutty sheen over the last few years due to unruly behavior. (We can't imagine why.) So, organizers decided to officially nix alcohol in 2011.

"Bay to Breakers is very concerned that someone is going to get hurt or worse because of the overconsumption of alcohol," race spokesman Sam Singer told The Chronicle. "Unfortunately, people can't control themselves."

And just like that, another wisp of San Francisco's soul dies quietly.

Participants violating the new anti-sweet nectar rule will be arrested, cited and fined. Will the ban work? Probably not. Unless each water bottle is checked for vodka and beer, seems like the rule will be too difficult to enforce.