"This will make news if we have to call cops to a meeting in Noe Valley," Supervisor Bevan Dufty told the cranky audience at last night's Noe Valley plaza meeting. Yes, people lost their shit at Wednesday's neighborhood gathering. Shouty over the oddly controversial Noe Valley Plaza, but also because of who was or was not allowed to talk and have their very special, very tender feelings heard. (Side note, it wasn't a scheduled town hall meeting.)

Noe Valley SF reports:

Even so, the boos and jeers started as soon as Andres Power started speaking. The "Don't Block Noe" crowd was at tonight's meeting in force and insisted on being heard. What was supposed to be a 20 minute presentation of the results of the traffic study and the status of the project so far twice had Planning staffer Sarah Dennis-Phillips scolding the crowd: "Next time Andres is interrupted Planning is leaving and none of you will be heard." Momentary quiet.

Sheesh. It's a tiny and temporary plaza, people. Move forward. Remember, your 'hood is guilty of harboring a Radio Shack. You have bigger Tandy 1000s to fry. Guess this is what happens when you live in a neighborhood that rolls up the sidewalks at dark.

Also, this provides us with another example why all meetings, town hall or otherwise, are useless. Anna Wintour's editorial meetings run a pin-thin 15 minutes. Learn from the slight, fine-boned Vogue editor, world.

(Video shot by sattvicwarrior.)