There's more to the San Francisco queer scene than Harvey Milk, gay marriage kerfuffles, or exhausting penis-in-bottom jokes. Take, for example, the late '80s/'90s Valencia Street staple, Klubstitute. Harkening back to the club kid days, this popular, aggressively alternative gay club helped spawn Trannyshack, among other things. The DIY-ish club night, we're told, was a bastion of creative types, music, spinning and revelry that, to put it delicately, wallowed in the crystalline lifestyle. (Held at various locations throughout the city, one of its venue name's, The Crystal Pistol (now Range), left little to the imagination.)

Before today's organic restaurants, bro-cyclists, and chatter of food from a truck, Valencia Street played host to this grubby-ass queer scene. With that, and in honor of Gay Pride week, here are several Klubstitute fliers that used to decorate SF back in the day.

To learn more about Klubstitue's history, visit SF Bay Times, Larry Bob's Flickr page, or the Klubstitue Facebook page.