Police say that a driver targeting cyclists injured four people in the Mission and Potrero districts on Wednesday night. A male driver allegedly went after cyclists in four different locations in San Francisco: "in the 2700 block of Harrison Street, the 2800 block of 24th Street, at the intersection of 23rd and Pennsylvania streets, and at 17th and Missouri street."

San Francisco police Lt. Lyn Tomioka told KTVU, "There were four victims and all were believed to be on bicycles." Three of the victims were taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries. All victims are expected to survive.

At the end of his rampage, according to ABC 7, "[w]itnesses say the suspect driver was headed westbound on 17th Street when he veered off and slammed into a parked SUV. He then backed up and struck a cyclist, then got out of his car and walked away." He is still at large.

Here's another photo, snapped by Troy Holden, from the scene of the crime.

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