One of San Francisco's biggest critics is moving to San Francisco. That's right, the Chronicle's C.W. Nevius -- he of sit-lie love and sex club hate -- announced his residential return today. And not just anywhere. Oh no. He moved to District Six. Chris Daly's district. Our district.

"After 20 years in the suburbs, we're a downtown San Francisco family now," Nevius writes.

And that, you see, is smashing news. See, we love us some Nevius. Why? Well, while we don't always agree with him, we can't stop reading him, that's why. (If you follow only those with whom you agree, you should consider having your serotonin levels increased.) What's more, he can render SF media types into fetal-position fits of unbridled rage, that's another reason why. So: welcome, neighbor. See you at the Powerhouse.