Here's another opportunity to win free tickets to the Asian Arts Museum's MATCHA series. Email [email protected] with MATCHA in the subject, and verify your full name while you're at it. The seventh entrant scores the tickets. Update: Contest Closed.

Next Thursday's edition of MATCHA, The Shanghai Dress, looks quite intriguing. On display will be the work of designer Jane Zhu, whose inspiration comes from the stylish, sophisticated form-fitting qipao dress that emerged in 1920s Shanghai. Zhu will give a talk on the history and craftsmanship of these iconic and surprisingly versatile dresses, and models will show the dresses in action.

Guests are encouraged to don a qipao for the event. They will also be able to make their own qipao, tour the current Shanghai exhibit, and enjoy some cocktails while DJ Quantum spins some tunes.

MATCHA: The Shanghai Dress
Thurs, June 3, 5 to 9 p.m.
Only $10 (includes entry into SHANGHAI)
Asian Art Museum
200 Larkin St