SF Citizen was on the ball and snapped shots of the winners of this morning's race. For the second year in a row, Kenyan long-distance runner Sammy Kirop Kitwara, who, interestingly, is a policeman by occupation, scored the fastest time. Fellow Kenyan Lineth Chepkururi won the fastest women's time.

Tommy the Pink Gorilla (pictured above), who nabbed the first costumed runner slot, had the right idea by wearing the snuggly warm costume on this chilly morning. We saw lots of shivering people in short shorts, knee socks, and sweatbands, a few of them stopping to pee, on their way to the race this morning. We would guess the gorilla suit would eventually get pretty dang hot though?

The first naked winner was smart to carry his shorts the whole way, so he had something to wear home.

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