The French pianist David Fray is currently performing Beethoven's second piano concerto with the San Frandisco symphony. The series started Wednesday, so you can already read the SF Chronicle's Joshua Kosman's review. Maestro Christoph Eschenbach, who just got named music director of the National Symphony in DC, has been conducting here for a few weeks, first with Lang-Lang and his iPad (he's the bald guy in the video), then in a lush (some say overpowering) Schumann-Zemlinsky series, and now with the piano concerto, Brahms' second symphony, and La Source d'Un Regard, by the living French composer Marc-André Dalbavie. Yep, the obligatory modern piece-concerto-symphony program.

David Fray is a fresh face, he's only twenty eight, and this run is his SF Symphony debut. He was the subject of a documentary on French TV which caught some attention because of his quirky behavior at the keys (a clip of which you can see here), and is now released on DVD. He'll play again tonight and tomorrow, and kindly answered our email questions.