Teatro ZinZanni invited us (read: comped) to their 10th anniversary gala and kids summer camp kick-off party this week. They're launching a circus summer camp to teach kids 9-16yo uni-cycling, spinning plates, or juggling, in addition to the daily performances. Right away, they told us why we should attend their three-hour circus and dinner performance, rather than say, the Peter Pan upstart which opened Tuesday night, also under a tent by the Embarcadero: You aren't going to see cleavage like this at Peter Pan, deadpanned Christine Deaver, one of the singers/comedians at the Gala.

And, she's got an oversized point, true. Cleavage, and legs and sexy skimpy outfits - think upscale casino waitress wear- and flirtatiousness are integral to the experience. And basically the experience is to have a scantily clad waitress serve you food in a velvety little spiegeltent while artists sing and joke and mime and perform acrobatic feats on (mostly) the theme of raging hormones seduction.

On account of the 10th anniversary, Mayor Newsom had declared the day Teatro ZinZanni day. He wasn't on hand to read the proclamation: we saw him get off his hybrid SUV to go shopping at Bloomingdale's on our way to the show. He totally missed out. The evening starts with cocktail in a first tent, with carpets and mirrors and drapes and an old west bordello vibe. You are then led to your table in the main tent, with the first of five courses waiting for you on the table: a cowgirl creamery brie with delicious balsamic vinegar marinated cherries.