Do you love McLaren Park? Yes. Yes, you do. Would you like to see $30,000 in grant money go renovating McLaren Park? Yes. Yes, you would. Because it needs it.

However, in order for McLaren Park to receive loads of cash, you need to vote. Which is why the Bernal Heights Parents Yahoo sent out a request for you to elect the park to get the cash. How can you vote? By going here. Now. (Disclosure: you need to fill out a simple, harmless form on the Sears site with your first name, last name, e-mail address and date of birth - all of which you can use fake information. So, you know, just do it.)

Here are some of the problems with the park that need serious patchwork:

Parts of the park are in clear need of beautification and renovation. The Burrows and Gambier St. site is one of the most glaring examples of deterioration. Instead of an inviting entrance to acres of green space, the area is a sad reminder that the neighborhood lacks a well-maintained park. The grass is patchy and there is no real landscaping to speak of. Where a playground once thrived, now sits a dirty sand pit that parents are afraid to let their kids play in because dogs use it as a bathroom.