UPDATE: SFPD has questioned and cleared the suspect of any wrong-doing.

Sightings of the potential child predator at Mountain Lake Park have been officially confirmed by SFPD. A reader let us know that the Richmond community held a safety meeting last night, in which this was one of the issues the police addressed.

SFPD have been tracking the suspect, who was spotted yesterday at both Mountain Lake Park and outside several local schools. There is a policeman stationed at Mountain Lake Park today. Call SFPD with any info: (415) 553-0123.

Here's the description again:

He does NOT have children and pretends like he does and is there to do pull ups. He takes pictures of the kids with his phone. He drives a silver PT cruiser and wears sunglasses. He takes pictures of BOTH boys and girls. He looks for kids that don't have caregivers near by.

Kudos to the Richmond community for acting so vigilantly on the matter, and we hope he gets nabbed soon.

Read part SFPD Captain Richard Corriea's warning after the jump.