Oakland Geology has a wildly helpful reminder today in honor of Earth Day, regarding what drains to the bay. OG writes:

"Drains to bay" might as well be written on the geologist’s coat of arms.

The rest of us need occasional reminders. Many of us never gave it a moment’s thought, probably those same Oaklanders who think that bears live in the woods up on Skyline. Earth Day is for them, the ignorant. Ignorant people are not bad people. Indeed, they’re only selectively ignorant, in that they don’t know something I consider important. Surely I’m just as ignorant in terms of what they care about. Anyway, “drains to bay” is a good start and it needs to be pointed out everywhere, even here where it’s obvious on Embarcadero East at the mouth of 14th Street Creek.

Read more about is at Oakland Geology.

Also worth noting: sinks, toilets, and bidets go to the treatment plant beforehand; however, gutters/sewers drain straight to the bay. So, you know, don't pee, toss your cigarette butts, or empty mop water into the latter.

In celebrity-related Earth Day prosthelytizing, Sandra Bernhard tweets, "on earth day i ask 'will we make it? can sacrifices override our selfish nature?' i ask it of myself and everyone else. praying for yes." Celebrities asking you to sacrifice, it warms the heart. But still, she does have a point.

Happy Earth Day, folks.

[via Eye On Blogs]