Apologies in advance for yet another sordid and tragic story involving the death of an outer-Bay-Area infant, but 25-year-old Livermore resident Jessica Adams has been arrested and charged in the March death of her infant son. Adams rolled over onto her 2-month-old baby while sleeping, following a four-day crystal meth binge in celebration of her birthday.

After hanging out in some tweaker den in Richmond with the baby in tow, not sleeping for four days (we should note here that Adams had previously lost custody of a 3-year-old and a 5-year-old due to her drug use, and has already been in rehab), Adams returned home to Livermore on March 18th to crash. Friends or relatives apparently offered to care for the baby, seeing that Adams was obviously strung out and out of it, but she refused, and on the morning of March 19th rolled over onto the baby after falling asleep on the couch, smothering him to death.

She'll be arraigned in Contra Costa County court on Friday. [CC Times]