You've got to love local author Danielle Steel. Her daughters look nothing short of delightful, she successfully extracted herself out of the inner SF society sect, and her house looks like this. Which is why we were saddened to hear that Steel's bookkeeper, Tiburon resident Kristy S. Watts (also known as Kristy Siegrist), was pinched for skimming cream off of the Steel empire, embezzling over $768,000. Watts pleaded guilty back to the crimes back in September of 2009.

Employed by Steel for over 15 years, Watts was sentenced to 3 months in prison today for her crimes. SF Business Times notes: "Watts’ illegal activities included stealing from petty cash, authorizing a payroll-processing company to pay her more than she had earned and using Steel’s American Express reward points for her own benefit."

Stealing reward points? That's cold.