Melissa Griffin brings us what could possibly be the most delightful news we've heard all all week: harmony has been restored between the Druids and Golden Gate Park. See, last week city employee John Dennis, a landscape architect for the Rhododendron Dell, was looking for rocks in the park to complete the Dell’s renovation. And he found some. Unfortunately, they belonged to the Druids and their magical rock configurations. "The Druish Princesses got all up in arms and called the department demanding their religious rocks back," and the department returned the precious stones.

The Recreation and Parks Department, Griffin goes on to say, has "a 'live and let live' policy toward the nice people who like to wear robes and put twelve rocks and a circle and call it a church." (Just don't fashion a wire hanger in a geometric shape and aim it at one of the two Druid circles in Golden Gate Park, if you know what's good for you.)

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