Tablehopper (who released the wildly handy The Tablehopper’s Guide to Dining and Drinking in San Francisco: Find the Right Spot for Every Occasion, a book we cannot recommend strongly enough) hosted a book signing at 18 Reasons on April 8. Never one to shy away from amusement, she posted this whimsical list of the city's most overrated and underrated restaurants filled out by her attendees.

"No, I didn't write anything on the sheet (although I certainly agree with some of the selections in both columns)," she carefully points out.

Interesting idea, yes? Eater wonders if there's "any way Flour + Water could possibly live up to the hype it's gotten from the New York Times and other national pubs." Probably not. And (the new) SPQR is nothing short of Rhodes Scholarship-type genius on a plate, so its hype is well-deserved. Bruno's however, is woefully underrated these days. And...well, we could go on.

But what say you? Aside from every Mission taqueria -- we kid, but not really -- are there any additions you'd want to see branded on the list?