Local online types suffered violent fits of uncontrolled hysteria this week after SFGate proudly and justly declared SoCha a new boutique neighborhood south of Cesar Chavez.. (For those of you who patriotically refuse to recognize Cesar Chavez, we give you "SoArm" for South of Army Street.)

On SFist's post regarding the new real estate-friendly abbreviation, commenter w05 had to be talked down from the ledge and physically restrained after writing, "Repeat after me: It's La Lengua. Moved by Burrito Justice. Seconded by Mission Mission and Mission Local. Inscribed on Wikimapia. Codified by SF Everyblock. It's bad enough that the Chronicle is out of touch. We don't need SFist spreading falsehoods."

Fiddlesticks, sir.

While we have nothing but admiration for fellow bloggers Burrito Justice and Mission Mission, we have one thing to say about La Lengua: too ethnic. La Lengua, you see, means tongue en Español, which is fitting since it mirrors the shape of the not-so fancy neighborhood in question. However, it doesn't have the wow factor of, say, NOPA or SOMISSPO.

Fortunately, eddo_likes_you of the ethnically named Herra Chinky (a fantastic read, we should point out) has come up with fresh batch of new neighborhood names certain to anger transplants and locals alike. They are:

  • FerBu (Ferry Building)
  • Castr8teenth (Castro 18th)
  • MissCapCha (Mission Capp Chavez)