Fresh on the heels of SOMISSPO and Brock's nomination of LORI (Lower Outer Rincon Hill), the Chron today tells us about a brand new neighborhood abbreviation. And it's not just any new neighborhood, but one that fits handily into the "___ is the new ___" meme for their ever-so-clever headline: "Is SoCha the next SoMa?"

SoCha, or South of Cesar Chavez, is the site of some developers' latest rebranding exercise. The Chron refers to Cesar Chavez as "the bleakest urban area in the city." (It even beats the tourist-captivating Tenderloin?) So it makes sense that developers would prefer it to be called something else. One developer at 555 Bartlett -- otherwise known as Mission & Cesar Chavez, where they've got a new Walgreen's -- is peddling some half-million-dollar-plus condos over there and says "things are going very well."

Anyway, the SoCha Cafe has been around for a bit, so perhaps we should blame them.