Due to a liberty-and-justice-for-all rally at the Embarcadero BART station, you should expect a choppy BART schedule between the hours of 4 - 6 pm. More or less, this evening's protest is about cops who kill with impunity. It's called "Days of Action against State Violence." The cranky yet tenacious folks at Indybay.org explain it best:

After the recent uprisings in Portland in response to two police murders, a call has gone out for "West Coast Days of Action April 8th and 9th, From the Bay to the Sound: No More Police Killings!" The call to action reads in part: "Organize protests and autonomous actions in your own city! ... The only times the police have ever been held responsible for their murders is when we take to the streets and halt business as usual. Following the law, being peaceful, being quiet, has never discouraged police violence, because it is the function of the police to use violence against the exploited, against the oppressed, against those who fight back." Announced actions include non-violent civil disobedience at Embarcadero BART station in San Francisco on April 8th and an Anti-Police General Assembly in Portland and a march against police brutality in Seattle on April 9th.

Some of the protesters' demands: the firing of Tony Pirone (the BART cop who allegedly called Oscar Grant a "bitch ass nigger" just before he was shot), make the DA "hold Pirone accountable for his criminal actions," and to disband the BART Police who "cannot be trusted with police powers." Protesters will ride into the Embarcadero station and station and converge on the platform. Visit Oakland for Justice for more details.

Also, there's an excellent chance BART will get wonky, so please plan your ride home accordingly, take alternative routes, or hop on a Muni or AC Transit bus.